Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Piclens is a cool and free 3d search plug-in for your browser that’s lets you navigate pictures or video in a gallery style fashion. The interface has a black background and with your mouse you can scroll from left to right and near to far.

Piclens sorts all the pictures and video your search finds in google, flickr, smugmug, photobucket, yahoo, or deviantart and displays them.

A cool feature is that you can even search and watch youtube videos. The Piclens search box is in the top right corner.

Hover over a picture and click the play button to start, like shown in the left picture.

A cool feature would be to be able to change the background color or to access social website profiles (myspace, blackplanet etc.)

With cool options like using it as your own screensaver, watching pictures full screen and using it as a search. It basically does not get any better then this.


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